SharePoint 2013 Workflow Information (Service Health)


In the recent days Microsoft have rolled out some new links in relation to workflows.  In 3rd party workflows or SharePoint designer workflow there is the availability to select the options of workflows, either for specific item, a List (under list settings) or a site (under site settings)


In recent days it seems that in office365 and SharePoint online they have added some extra functionality to the item level view for workflows. If you select the ellipses > workflows > and then select your running or complete workflow:


There is now a new option to click called “(Service Health)”. This view now allows you to see from your item level all workflow health for workflows for the site.


From here you can see all workflows published to the site and if there are currently any workflows in progress. It also goes one step further where you can drill down into the settings of the Workflows by selecting the name of the workflow.  It now allows you to select a workflow template to add to the relevant list you are on, enter the name of the workflow, the task and history list it is associated to as well as configuring the start options for the workflow. No all this functionality was available in different areas previously, but this functionality here can save a lot of time, as you can now see what workflows are running at a site level, and also change functionality such as tasks lists or start options without having to open list settings or SharePoint designer.




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